YDA: You can help

Hello to All,

I would like to invite you to attend one of our two Yubu Development Agency Inc fund raisers this spring being held April 24th in Saskatoon and April 26th in Spiritwood. Please see the attached details below and visit our website at ydahelps.org.

For those of you who may be wondering about the unrest in South Sudan since mid December, I can say that though there has been terrible fighting in some regions of the county, there has been none in our area at all. We are continuing to move forward with our projects and see no reason to slow the progress. The fighting has however affected my plans to be there in March. I cannot travel to Tombura as I would have to travel through Juba and that area has been very unsettled. Luka is in Tombura now as he still has citizenship and speaks the language, so he feels safe. Though the people in and around Tombura are concerned about the fighting in other parts of their country, they want to continue moving in a positive direction. They understand that greed under the guise of tribal warfare is in no way going to accomplish anything positive.

Our main project at present is the construction of our new 4000+ square foot Health Clinic. Over 7000 large bricks (18 X 10 X 6) have been made by our team and final preparations are underway so construction can begin sometime this spring. As you can imagine this is a large and costly undertaking, but a necessary one. The little 800 sq ft clinic we work out of now is far too small to accommodate the growing demand. Some months we treat over 1100 patients! Yes, we are saving many lives and helping to prevent suffering and you can be part of that success.

And while the health project is happening, we are continuing to work on our other future goals like the development of an agricultural program, vocational training centre, building a guest house, helping the orphanage and continuing to develop our partnerships with the local schools, the Sisters and the church. These partnerships are all essential in developing long lasting, sustainable programs that will be run by local people, mostly under the umbrella of YDA.

We will never be an organization that is continually knocking on your door for donations, however to get most of these projects up and running money is needed. We will raise what we raise in our fund-raisers and make do with that. If you have helped us in the past, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please consider this as an opportunity for you to use a small part of what you have to make someone else’s life better.

I believe that the opportunities and talents we are blessed with are all gifts from God and putting those gifts to good use in the service of others, is the best way we can say Thank you to Him.


Ron Schira