Health Clinic

The Yubu Health Clinic opened in July of 2012. Most months we treat more than 1000 patients and some months reach over 1100 patients. While saving lives and minimizing suffering we are covering 100% of our operating costs through income generated from small fees for medicine and lab services. The model is working and the people of Tombura and area are so thankful for what this little clinic is accomplishing in their community. Patients and families would much rather pay a small fee for treatment that heals than receive free treatment that does not heal. The good reputation of our YDA Health Clinic is so good that patients are coming from hundreds of miles away for treatments.

Our staff is accomplishing so much in this little clinic of only 800 square feet. I call it “an undersized clinic filled with a staff that has oversized hearts to care for their patients”.

Please see Future Goals for updated information on our new Health Center.

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