What is the Yubu Development Agency?

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Yubu Development Agency Inc. (YDA) is an non-profit charitable organization based in Tombura, Western Equatoria, South Sudan with a support branch in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Our purpose is to work with the African people to develop programs that will enable this region to climb out of the historical poverty that has plagued them for so long. They finally have peace and though the risk of war is not totally gone there is so much more promise now that they have achieved their independence as a nation. The Republic of South Sudan is now trying to re-build after decades of unrest and fighting and the Tombura area is one that is optimistically moving forward. These people show a real commitment to changing from the ways of the past where aggression seemed necessary.

Without hope it is very difficult to find motivation, but now they have independence and with that they have valid reason to hope. They are not afraid to plan now for a fruitful future and they are so very motivated in this region. Everyone from the locals, to the church and bishop, the King, the commissioner and governor are all prepared to move forward and support our efforts at YDA.

We believe that for our help to be most effective, we should not be expected by the local YDA in Tombura to support all of the programs indefinitely, therefore they know eventually that funding will end. At some point they need to be prepared to carry on in a self-sustaining way and when that happens, we will have accomplished a great deal. Many receiving charitable help never really prepare for the day the funding will stop and when it does, so too do their programs. The mindset has to change. Only when we enable independence by working with them until they are educated, competent and confident enough to succeed on their own, can true sustainability be achieved.