What is the Yubu Development Agency?

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Yubu Development Agency Inc (YDA) is a non-profit charitable organization based in Tombura State, Western Equatoria, South Sudan with a support group in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Our mission is to aid in the development of sustainable programs that will serve the well being of the community and surrounding area and help Tombura State to thrive.

Without hope, it is very difficult to find motivation and yet through the many years of turmoil and fighting, the people of Tombura continue to move forward. First they battled for their independence from the predominantly Muslim north and since accomplishing status as an independent nation in 2011, their own government has fallen into turmoil. The recent unrest and in-fighting within their own government has spread to much of the country and thus progress has all but stopped in many areas.

But YDA and Tombura State are still showing progress in spite of the challenges that have arisen. Our YDA team will continue to move forward at the best pace we can, regardless of what is going on around us. We have a vision of where we want this to lead and we have the motivation to carry it through. We believe that for our programs to be effective for generations to come, we need to position everything under the YDA umbrella to be self sustaining at some point. Therefore as of 2020 the outside funding will end and as that date approaches, we need to have the long term plan in place so the people on the ground, running the programs have the expertise and tools needed to continue on.

It is only when we enable independence by working with the team until they are educated, competent and confident enough to succeed on their own that true sustainability can be achieved.